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After years spent at Manhattan Family Dental I’ve decided for a change. I don’t regret. Best cleaning ever! Hygienist really did her job! Other day root canal was painless! Highly recommended! GREAT JOB. Don’t waste Your time commuting to that fancy places when You could get top service in East Queens!!!

Piotr S.

Dr. Yakubov, Mya and staff are awesome. I have always had a fear of the dentist. I was lucky to find such a great practice. Dr. Yakubov and Mya are compassionate, gentle and their bedside manner is bar none. I have recommended this practice to friends and family who now use this dental care practice and agree that they are great!

Raven M.

Dr. Yakubov and her staff are the absolute best. She takes her time to explain everything to you and is very gently in her approach; she and the staff are friendly and very accommodating. I would highly recommend Briarwood Dental to anyone.

Sasha Y.














I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Yakubov. I went to her with a swollen cheek and a lot of pain and her office was able to give me an appointment right away. I had to get a root canal on that tooth and Dr. Yakubov was very gentle. She went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable during the whole time I was in the chair. Step by step, Dr. Yakubov informed me of what she was doing in order to make the procedure as easy on me as possible. At the end she gave me clear instructions on what to do after the treatment and her office called and check on me later to make sure everything is ok. Not only am I going to continue to be her patient, but I definitely recommend Dr. Yakubov to anyone who is looking for an outstanding dentist.

Piro L.

I’ve been coming to Dr Yakubov since 2007. At first it was convenient because she was across the street from me but over the years I realize that she forms relationships with her patients. She checks up on you to ensure that you have no problems if procedures are done and discusses pros and cons to help you make the best decisions if you have work done (like I did). Since coming to her I’ve moved to a further borough but yet I make the hour commute just to know that I get the absolute best work done.

Jerlyn T.

Dr. Yakubov is great. I was in a lot of pain and she saw me as an emergency visit. She was very caring and make sure that I was comfortable throughout the time I was there. As she worked, she made sure to let me know step by step what she was doing. The staff is very kind and helpful too. I strongly recommend Dr. Yakubov if you are looking for a wonderful dentist.

Sokol K.

Dr. Yakubov is a phenomenal dentist. She was very kind and gentile. She worked very carefully and made sure I was in no discomfort whatsoever during and after the procedure. At the end of the appointment, she took the time to answer all my questions and discuss future treatment. She is very reasonably priced for the high quality care that is provided. I would strongly recommend her.

Suzy S.

Dr. Yakubov is the best dentist I have ever been to. She was wonderful and very professional. She was prompt, attentive, and extremely communities during my procedure. I really appreciated it that she was more concern with providing the best care possible rather than running up a bill. I will definitely go to her again.

Pat M.

This dentist office is awesome! It was clean and professional looking, yet very cozy! Dr. Yakubov was gentle and very hands on with my treatment. I will definitely be returning here for my follow ups.

Nijia Howell

The best dentist I have ever been too! First of all the hygienist was very considerate and cautious to deal with my teeth in the most gentle way ( cause it usually always hurts) Second the secretaries were welcoming and very informal. ( sometimes I could have too many questions) they didn’t mind answering. And lastly the dentist was patient and caring. The office was clean and organized. I would definitely recommend this dentist to all my friends and family !
Alexis Hernandez


Great dental office. Ive had to change my dental appointments several times and they been nothing but accommodating , the staff is great and very informative. Very clean office amd they seem to care about their patients.
Juan Hincapie


The dentist was very kind, caring, intelligent and helpful. She knew what to do with whatever problem I had. I would recommend her service to anyone I know. All of the other employees were also very helpful and kind towards me.

Richard Vrioni

Excellent and very professional.
Had a great experience with dr. Yakubov and staff. I was in a very bad pain and when i called, they told me to go in right away. I couldn’t wait to get rid of that pain and Dr.Yakubov saved me. She was very professional and was greeting her patients with a big smile. Loved to see that.
A very clean practice and very friendly staff.
I would recommend Dr.Yakubov to anyone, she is the best.
Fjorida Ismaili


I love Dr. Inna. Very professional and friendly staff. Always available to speak you! Very short waiting time and she truly cares about her patients! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!!

Ruth B.

Dr. Yakubov was professional and kind. My son was 2 1/2 years old at his very first dental visit and she treated him gently and with lots of patience.
She takes a genuine interest in her patients, which is expressed through conversation as well as her recommendations… I’ve seen much improvement upon visiting her… Highly recommended!!
A. Espinoza


Worst dentist ever and worst front desk waited 5 days for an appointment finally I went over there she told me we don’t accept your insurance.MTF why not tell me when I call made an appointment and drop insurance card to you.why not check with insurance company and let me know? She want cash amount even is covered by insurance.
Shadab Ansari


This practice is probably one of the best dental care clinics I have come across. The clinic is very cute and clean with good equipment. And the staff see pretty nice too, however I must say that the star of the show had to be Dr. Yakubov herself!! She is one of those rare doctors that genuinely care about your oral health and needs. She has the softest touch when performing her treatment, and her aura just had put me at ease right away! If your looking for a dental place that cares for you the way you want them to, this is the place! Dr. Yakubov is the best dentist I have come across in a long time, a must for those who are scared of dentists lol!!

Sonia N.

Best thing ever happened to my teeth!  Love the facility, love the staff and lost of all love the doctor!

Jake Y.

Just had my reattachment of my crown with this dental clinic, and I must say they did a superb job. Everybody was awesome from the receptionist to the dentist, everybody was magnificent. I totally recommend this place if you have dental needs.

Norman J.